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In addition to the schemes supporting research activities the OEA promotes initiatives aimed at "training for research" of young scientists.

A Project offers scientific advice and financial support towards the establishment of new Ph.D courses in physics or mathematics especially at universities in the less developed countries.

A Project may also provide support towards fellowships for young scientists from less developed countries to work in institutions in more advanced developing countries in their region. These are often organized on the basis of cooperation agreements between the ICTP and those institutions.

In general a Project is meant to undertake actions which are likely to develop into a long term research programme. Thus a Project could also be the preliminary phase leading eventually to a an Affiliated Centre or to the formation of research groups in the long run.


Applications for Projects should include

The scientific programme for a Project

  • a detailed justification and motivation of the proposed Project, including perceived benefits to the department and how this would lead to the formation of a new research group
  • a detailed summary for the strengthening of an existing Ph.D. programme and/or for the establishment of a new planned Ph.D. course
  • A list of regional contacts and cooperation that may already exist
  • a detailed programme and itemized budget for the first year.

Additionally, the Project proposal should contain:

  1. a description of the department, including the current main scientific subjects, the names of the scientists involved and their recent publications, the experimental facilities available, the extent of the library, the list of Ph.D. courses and the number of Ph.D.'s awarded per year;
  2. indication of the financial support from local authorities.

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